Shoney Moshling – Combination LEAKED!

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Hey guys! Sorry for the inactivity in my posts! Been really busy! Anyways, I was on Twitter today and found the combination for Shoney! Furthermore, this combination was released in the Moshi Mag, which just came out a few hours ago in the United Kingdom.

This combination does not work yet, as Shoney isn’t released. However when Shoney is released (soon) this is the combination/seeds you will have to plant:

Shoney Combo

                                      Red Silly, Red Moon, Black Moon
                                  Shoney- #019, Naughties, Amazin Blazin’ Raisin’, Ultra Rare

                                 MME – FIRST ON THE WEB TO POST THIS! (2009Fire15)

Again, don’t get too excited and…

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NEW MOSHLINGS: 4 New Moshlings and 2 New Sets Released!


Hey monsters!

The team over at Moshi Monsters have released 4 new moshlings, 2 of which are already obtainable! Here are the new moshlings!

As I said there also 2 new sets released and here they are!

Here the the combinations for the two obtainable moshlings!

dribblescomboNUTMEGCOMBOUnfortunately, Dribbles is for members only but don’t worry non-members! Nutmeg is for all players!

Mrs. Snoodle’s code might come from a plushie or maybe the Moshi Movie DVD. You can get Lubber’s code by visiting the Sealife Centre.

Have you caught these moshlings? Comment below!


Moshi Karts App Out Now!


Hey monsters,

Mind Candy have released their newest app yesterday! It is called Moshi Karts! Here are some screenshots!

Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

On another note, Moshi Monsters Village is available for Android!

Have you got the app? Post below all your comments and opinions!


Offline Moshling Codes Complete!

Hey monsters!

I posted a few days ago about Offline Pages for Lukey’s Moshi Site, well today, I have completed the first one! Click here to view it! To save it to your computer just click the link and click this!

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 15.19.09


It will then save to where ever you want! You can print it or add your own moshling codes! Have fun and post all comments and opinions below!


COMING SOON: Offline Pages

Hey monsters!

Today I have started making all our current pages on a Microsoft Word Document for offline use! You will be able to print off Moshling Codes, Secret Codes and more! The following pages will be made for Offline use.

  • Moshling Codes
  • Secret Codes
  • Moshi Monsters Village
  • About
  • …any requested pages!

If you would like to request a page to be made Offline comment below! Comment below now!