EXCLUSIVE: How to obtain Linton the Mollycoddled Manamana on Moshi Monsters

New Moshlings HeaderHey monsters,

Today I have a combination for the all-new moshling, Linton the Mollycoddled Manamana, but first of all here is some info about him!

  • NAME: Linton
  • SPECIES: Mollycoddled Manamana
  • RARITY: Rare
  • NUMBER: 044
  • PERSONALITY: Pampered, apprehensive, pedantic.
  • LIKES: Gooberry-flavored milk and mini cookies.
  • DISLIKES: Short sleeves and visiting the doctor.
  • HABITAT: You can find Mollycoddled Manamanas in the rockpools of Spoddy Sands, but you might see the odd Mollycoddled Manamana looking for its mummy on.

Sadly, Linton can only be obtained by members because his combination requires three Crazy Daisies. Here is his combination.

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 14.38.37

Here is Linton’s animation –


I hope you can get Linton! I plan on having a 7 Day Membership Contest soon! Enjoy Linton!

EXCLUSIVE: How to obtain Pops the Crazy Kernel on Moshi Monsters

New Moshlings Header


Hey monsters,

Today I have a code for the all-new moshling, Pops the Crazy Kernel, but first of all here is some info about him!

  • NAME: Pops
  • SPECIES: Crazy Kernel
  • RARITY: Rare
  • NUMBER: 210
  • LIKES: Salt and Popty-Pings (Micro Dave)
  • DISLIKES: Noisy wrappers and being squished into carpets
  • HABITAT: Crazy Kernels love star spotting in Moshi movie theatres but they mostly hang out in stripy cardboard houses on Corny Corner near the Moshi Fun Park.

Now, first of all the seed you get for Pops if called the Bop Corn seed, and here is what it looks like.

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 21.00.56


Now, to get the Bop Corn seed, you type in the code…

Pops Code

Plant the Bop Corn seed with any two others and wait 6 hours (or 3 for members) and then Pops will come! Woo! Here is Pops’ animation.


I hope you enjoy the code! Have you got Pops yet? Post your comments below! Credit to Mariojoe11 for this!


Moshi Room Update, Mr. Snoodle Redesign and Mrs. Snoodle Combination Confirmed!

Hey monsters!

A lot of news updates today!


The ‘Moshling Zoo’ and ‘Moshling Garden’ doors have been updates!

Woah! Cool! For now I can’t get a Moshling Zoo door but it is coming!



That is his brand new design! It is more like his music video Do the Doodle now! Personally, I prefer his new style.


Yesterday, I got a Carte Blanche plush which gave me a code for Mrs. Snoodle! Her seeds are called ‘Bouffant Bluebells’

Plant that seed with any two others to catch Mrs. Snoodle!

Have you got any Carte Blanche plushes? Comment below!


Carte Blanche Moshling Plushies Coming Soon!

Hey monsters!

My friend Mariojoe11 showed me this video from Carte Blanche’s Youtube. Here it is.

This was at the London Toy Fair 2014 where some children got to have a play about with some Moshling plushes. Here is a picture of those plushes.



Here is a FULL list of all included plushes!

  • Cherry Bomb
  • Angel
  • Mini Ben
  • Roxy
  • Dribbles
  • Mr. Snoodle
  • Nutmeg
  • Busling
  • I.G.G.Y
  • Penny

If you watched the video you would of heard that if you buy a moshling plush, you get a code for you to get that moshling online. For example, if you buy a Cherry Bomb plush, you will get a code for you to get Cherry Bomb online! I don’t know if you noticed but MRS. SNOODLE is there which means that is how we will get her online! She has recently become my favourite moshling so she will definitely be the one I get first!

Will you be buying any of these plushes? I know I will! Post comments down below!


NEW MOSHLINGS: 4 New Moshlings and 2 New Sets Released!


Hey monsters!

The team over at Moshi Monsters have released 4 new moshlings, 2 of which are already obtainable! Here are the new moshlings!

As I said there also 2 new sets released and here they are!

Here the the combinations for the two obtainable moshlings!

dribblescomboNUTMEGCOMBOUnfortunately, Dribbles is for members only but don’t worry non-members! Nutmeg is for all players!

Mrs. Snoodle’s code might come from a plushie or maybe the Moshi Movie DVD. You can get Lubber’s code by visiting the Sealife Centre.

Have you caught these moshlings? Comment below!


How to get Willow the Dainty Deer on Moshi Monsters


Hey monsters!

Today Moshi Monsters finally released a way to get Willow! WOOHOO! Sadly, not everyone will be able to get Willow yet as you need the Moshi Monsters Village iOS app. Here is how to get her.

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How to get Lurgee, Carter, Bodge, Hocus, and Vinnie Moshling

Hey guys! Theres 5 new Moshlings- Lurgee, Carter, Bodge, Hocus, and Vinnie! All the seed codes/combinations are listed below in the video, or in text even further below!


Here are the images of the seeds:

How to get Lurgee Moshling, How to get Carter Moshling, How to get Bodge Moshling, How to get Hocus Moshling, How to get Vinnie Moshling, How to get Willow Moshling:

The code for Lurgee’s seed is
The code for Carter’s seed is SNOWBALL
The code for Bodge’s seed is REDNOSE
The code for Hocus’ seed is ICICLES
The code for Vinnie’s seed is 2014
The code for WIllow’s seed is ?

As always, to attract the Moshling you must plant the seed with any two other seeds.

SNOWGLOBE – Furi Snow Globe
NORTHSTAR – Iced Hoodoo
PRESENTS – New Year Banner 2014

Thank you for viewing, we’ll update you when we get a code for Willow! Remember, stay tuned to LMS/MME for all the latest and greatest Moshi Monsters secret codes, moshling codes, mission guides, information and loads more!

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Some New Moshling Codes!

Hey monsters!

Sorry for not posting in a while! My internet was down! :(

Here are some moshling codes to get us started again!

Hissy – Purple Moon Orchid, Black Snap Apple, Any Hot Silly Pepper
Hot Wings – Black Dragon Fruit, Any Moon Orchid, Any Moon Orchid
Betty – Black Star Blossom, Any Hot Silly Pepper, Any Love Berry
Hoolio – Collect 10,000 Ecto Gloops on the Moshis VS Ghosts mission.
Marsha – Rid Captain Buck’s house ship of ghosts on the Moshi VS Ghosts mission.
Glob – Rid Tamara Tesla’s house of ghosts on the Moshi VS Ghosts mission.
Randall – Rid the cabin of ghosts on the Moshi VS Ghosts mission.
Jibbly – Rid Simon Growl’s mansion of ghosts on the Moshi VS Ghosts mission.
Ziggy – Black Crazy Daisy, Any Dragon Fruit, Any Dragon Fruit
Lummox – Yellow Moon Orchid, Any Magic Beans, Any Love Berry
Micro Dave – Blue Hot Silly Peppers, Blue Hot Silly Peppers, Pink Star Blossom
Cosmo – Black Hot Silly Peppers, Black Hot Silly Peppers, Black Hot Silly Peppers
Peekaboo – Buy Katsuma Unleashed and use the unique code you get with the game.

I hope at least some of these moshling codes help you guys! Have you got all these moshlings? Comment below!