3 New Arby Codes!

Hey Monsters!

Moshi Monsters have recently released Three New Arby Codes! They are all really awesome! Here are all the codes!

BARNACLE (use twice) = Cap’n Buck Poster

FIREY = Dragon Wall Art

FIERY = Dragon Wall Art

All these codes are awesome! I love the dragon wall art from the magazine! Also on the 12th January 2012 the magazine will be out with a code for a Candycane Machine! Some people already have it! What do you think of the codes? Post a comment with your opinion!


18 comments on “3 New Arby Codes!

  1. Lukey, How dare you start harrassing my blog, A Spoilt Ten Year Old, I will give you credit, I am busy, with Construction. Please appreciate that I will do it eventaully.

  2. thanks for the codes can you tell use the code for the candycane machine see I made a new monster and I need more things for my room I like this site

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