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Genero City – Comic Relief Scooter Race Posted by Roary Scrawl on March 18, 2011

On Wednesday our very own larger-than-life Katsuma participated in Toyology’s Comic Relief World Cup scooter race to help raise money for Comic Relief, an organization that helps people and communities across the UK and the world. The Comic Relief folks are the ones behind Red Nose Day, which just happens to be TODAY! Check out the video.


It was a cold and foggy day, and a collection of kids’ favourites hopped on their Razor scooters for a 250-metre dash down the race track. It was an intense fight to the finish line, Buzz Lightyear’s wings failed to give him a head start, Bananaman slipped on a peel, and Katsuma threw his scooter aside and ran for the finish line. It was Captain America who swooped into first place, with Katsuma coming in last.

So maybe Katsuma didn’t finish first, but it was a first place win for Comic Relief as the event has raised over £1,200 and counting! Plus, Project Genero City made a generous donation as well.

In the spirit of giving, I’m giving away Random Rox prizes for the best Katsuma cheers. Write your Katsuma cheer (what you would’ve yelled to cheer Katsuma on in the race if you’d been on the sidelines) as a comment on THIS blog, and a few of you will win Random Rox prizes.

Yesterday’s Random Rox winners are nachos455, cinnamonhamster, and cutezii_wutzii.

Keep your eyes at hand…

Roary Scrawl

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